Help KYN celebrate the one year anniversary of their release of their debut EP, Worlds. The night kicks off with an opening performance from Will Gluck, followed by a listening party of the EP accompanied by live visuals from Taurin Barrera. Afterwards, KYN will perform a set of new music exploring new sonic landscapes inspired by their recent trip to Berlin.

After a year of intensive and exhaustive work on the Worlds EP, we lost all perspective on what it meant and how we felt about it.  After a year away from it we have come back with a renewed sense of excitement and pride and are ready to give it the presentation that it deserves.

Worlds is an immersive experience that seamlessly blends multiple genres of electronic music and transports the listener through unexpected territories, all while simultaneously building a cohesive narrative. Listen on Spotify or Soundcloud. Purchase on iTunes, Bandcamp, or Amazon.



KYN was born out of the shared experiences of Josh Casey and Yari Bundy during and after graduating from Mills College in Oakland, CA. Both came to music later in life, Yari beginning with djing and turntablism in highschool and Josh with classical piano, music production and djing while attending community college. Since their formation in 2015, KYN has been honing a sound that evokes emotional minimalism, visceral imagery and deep introspection. Since releasing their debut EP Worlds in April 2016, they have been performing around the Bay Area, collaborating with dancers, and touring in the US and overseas. After returning from Berlin in November 2016 from a crowdfunded project to attend the Ableton Loop Conference, they were reinvigorated and inspired to create a kind of music that explores themes relating to trauma and anxiety while simultaneously creating addictive grooves and sounds that explore the full spectrum of emotions. Bringing together their education in experimental electronic music from Mills with their love of rhythm and atmosphere, they perform live shows that not only highlight their undeniably infectious chemistry but their ability to create immersive sonic landscapes that maneuver between sound design, dance and ambient music.


Taurin Barrera

Taurin Barrera is an American electronic musician and new media artist whose work explores the interactive connections between technology and perception. Barrera combines computer vision, noise and chance, and electroacoustic composition techniques to program audio-visual instruments and environments. Barrera uses emerging technologies to augment our sensory experiences of sound and visual art, he composes sounds and music you can see, and images you can hear. My research interests include: Algorithmic composition, creative computer languages, interactivity/HCI, machine learning, music information retrieval, networked performance, music technology, physical computing, noise, analog synthesis, DIY, molecular gastronomy.


Will Gluck

Will Gluck is a sound artist and composer operating out of Oakland, California, and Seattle, Washington. His compositional pursuits include sonifying the border between conscious thought and spoken words, song, storytelling, multi-dimensional electronic music, and improvisatory live-processing of acoustic sound-sculpture installations.

DOORS 9:00 PM / SHOW 9:30 PM
$10 - 15 sliding scale

*No refunds or exchanges.