Join us for Studio Grand's Balkan Nights, an evening which features (not-so-strictly) Eastern European music. This series usually occurs on the third Friday of the month -- but this month we're throwing you a fourth-Friday curveball in order to bring you the rescheduled Meta Nastys with an intimate set of rebetiko music from Greece. In addition, we'll have an opening set from Moonshine Jelly. The night is graciously curated by Kent Kessinger in association with Studio Grand.


Come stomp and sing along with accordion and bouzouki playing rebetiko: Early 1900s urban folk from Greece; a form of music that once reverberated in hash dens until the cops arrived; a form of music that could even – under the right circumstances – make seagulls dance, and seagulls are known to be really resistant to human-dancing!

Meta Nastys (from “metanasti”, Greek for 'immigrant') is composed of two immigrants: Zina Pozen from the CCCP on accordion and vocals, and Jarolim 'Yaz' from Istanbul on bouzouki and vocals.


Power-house acoustic duo Moonshine Jelly consists of violinist and vocalist Lee Corbie-Wells, and guitarist and filmmaker Kent Kessinger.  The band adds contemporary context to ancient folk songs and tunes of Eastern Europe, Celtic countries and the British Isles, and the Americas.  With their intimate voices and performance intensity, this up-and-coming band is not only reviving but transforming traditional musics of the world.

Website | Bandcamp

DOORS 9:00 PM; SHOW 9:30 PM

$7-15 sliding scale

* no refunds or exchanges permitted *