Join us for a night of great music and good vibes. El Haru Kuroi will be heading up for Oakland First Friday, bringing us a soulful and eclectic sound brewed up in their home town of Los Angeles. LoCura will bring us that infectious and soul-elevating music we know them for here in the Bay. Come out and bring the summer in with us, right here at Studio Grand.


For the past 11 years LoCura has crafted their own unique musical identity: "Califas Mestizo Music" which is a blend of Latin American and Iberian rhythms such as rumba, cumbia, salsa and flamenco influenced by punkrock, ska, rap, dub, reggae, dancehall with local and global lyrical themes. The band's name ("it cures it") reflects their ethos of making music a remedy, a theme which permeates lyrics such as "la cultura cura la locura," cultures cures the madness. Vocalist Kata Miletich, expanding on the group's influences, notes "one big inspiration for the ways we consciously and unconsciously connect different music is this idea that styles and rhythms travel from Africa, Europe stretching across the Americas and mixing with indigenous sounds. Culture is alive in so many different ways, and shows up in different places to tell a story." LoCura has released three full length albums, performed in many places around the world and is currently writing and recording music for their fourth album.

El Haru Kuroi

El Haru Kuroi, is an East Los Angeles trio drawing their original musical style from their own experiences with life and music from which they are surrounded. Natives to Los Angeles’ Eastside, their music not only is a representation of their cultural upbringing in the city, but also a reminiscence of Mexican, South American, African, and American Jazz elements. After meeting in music school, they have evolved together and persisted in the creation of an original musical sound, resulting in the making of three full length albums Sabung (2007), Canta Gallo (2012) and their latest 192192192 (2016), which combines distinct melodic, rhythmic and multilingual elements, resulting as a key ingredient for their sound. El Haru Kuroi has performed throughout the LA area and toured the Southwest to New Orleans, the East Coast and recently toured to Japan.

$15-25 sliding scale

* No refunds or exchanges permitted *