Oakland Freedom Jazz Society presents...

Horn & Hammond

Doug Katelous – organ
Sung Kim – Nuns Horn and Trebuchet*

*(Note: Sung Kim is a former Artist-in-Residence at Studio Grand. He is a woodworker, instrument maker and musician – these are instruments he has invented and built himself.)


Fletcher Pratt

Fletcher Pratt - solo electronics

Fletcher Pratt is a Canadian experimental composer/musician currently living in Oakland, CA pursuing an MFA in Electronic Music at Mills College. His pieces often include use of modular synthesizer, tapes and various other instruments. He runs a tape label called Midori Records





gabby fluke-mogul – violin

k. kipperman – double bass

gabby fluke-mogul is a performing, teaching, composing & collaborating-improviser based out of the bay area. they have existed as a violin-body//body in south florida, western massachusetts, & the wider new england area. gfm performs in & with a variety of projects, installations, bodies, & instrument bodies in addition to facilitating community-based workshops, & teaching in public, private, & non-profit learning spaces. their compositions//text-scores take up issues of the politics & poetics of bodies & instrument-bodies. gabby presently studies with fred frith, zeena parkins, roscoe mitchell, india cooke, & pauline oliveros at mills college in the MFA program for performance & literature with improvisation specialization.

k. kipperman is a composer, improviser, and teacher currently based in the Bay Area. They have also lived, worked, and breathed (deeply) in New Hampshire, Boston, Western Massachusetts, and Berlin, Germany. Interested in how social dynamics and queerness are negotiated and translated into sound and silence, k is always thinking about what it means to be connected to and critical of one's own body, identity, and privilege within music, composition, art, communities, & everything else in the entire world (and also outer space). k has taught undergraduate music theory and musicianship courses at Hampshire College (Amherst, MA) and Mills College (Oakland, CA). k holds a BA in Music and German from Hampshire College and an MA in Music Composition from Mills College.



$7 - $15 sliding scale

Oakland Freedom Jazz Society currently takes place every Monday night at Studio Grand. Lineups feature avant-jazz, experimental and noise performances by local and touring musicians and multimedia artists. OFJS is a long-running (4 years and counting!) series curated by Fernando Carpenter of VAMP.  For more information, check out OFJS's Facebook page.