Bay Area jazz improviser/composers host three heroes of the SoCal music scene for an evening of free-spirited collaboration and exchange with Beth Schenck’s Guthrie Project+2 and the Tiner-Hubbard-Mezzacappa Three. 

Tiner-Hubbard-Mezzacappa Three (9:30pm)

Three curious, restless, inventive improviser/composers from Bakersfield, San Diego and Berkeley join forces in a new trio that explores all that they can, and probably cannot, do together as an ensemble. Bakersfield trumpeter Kris Tiner is known for his deeply imaginative compositions and incredibly versatile chops as an improviser, leading and working in a wide range of creative jazz projects. Percussionist and composer Nate Hubbard, based in San Diego, is a sonic explorer who operates on multiple scales, leading enormous creative music orchestras and playing solo sets of exquisite beauty and mind-bending artistic range. Berkeley bassist Lisa Mezzacappa combines a deep pocket and warm tone with abstract bowed textures and far-out sounds, and writes music inspired by film, literature, and science. Expect asymmetrical song structures, irregular grooves, free jazz explosions, sumptuous melodies, wide-open soundscapes, and also, definitely, surprises.

Nate Hubbard, percussion
Lisa Mezzacappa, acoustic bass
Kris Tiner, trumpet

Beth Schenck’s Guthrie Project+2 (10:30pm)

The Guthrie Project+2 is a collaboration between Beth Schenck and Matt Wrobel (SF), Kris Tiner (Bakersfield) and Corey Fogel (Los Angeles), friends who have been playing music together in different capacities for over fifteen years. Beth composes for this group, experimenting with small scale/minimalist structures that exercise both musical restraint and freedom of space. The result is an expansive, cinematic musical universe that gives each musician space and time for self expression.

Beth Schenck, saxophones/compositions
Kris Tiner, trumpet
Matt Wrobel, guitar
Corey Fogel, drums

$10-15 sliding scale

* No refunds or exchanges permitted *