Please join us for this special event hosted and presented by Nalgona Positivity Prid. Everyone is Welcome!

The relationship developed by women of color with their bodies and food is a profound and complicated one. The advent of colonialism* brought with it a violent disruption in the lives of women of color, producing historical trauma, post traumatic slave syndrome, as wellas social and economic systems of oppression (e.g. capitalism, racism, classism, heterosexism, acculturation, and trauma). In this workshop, we will analyze how violent relationships with food are a product of colonialism and a traumatic response to it (specific to the experiences of PoC).

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About the Presenter:

Gloria is the founder and director of Nalgona Positivity Pride a xicana-indigenous body-positive project that focuses on eating disorders awareness and cultural affirmation. She is a frequent lecturer across the country covering topics such as the connection of historical trauma and disordered eating. Some of the locations Gloria has lectured at are the University of California, Los Angeles, University of Michigan School of Social Work, and the Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA) Conference. Gloria’s work has been featured at the Huffington Post, Univision, Bitch Magazine, and The Body is not an Apology. She lives in Los Angeles, CA where she is an active entrepreneur and eating disorders support group organizer.

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