In Too Deep is a new monthly curated by electronic music duo KYN (Josh Casey & Yari Bundy) in association with Studio Grand. Occurring every 2nd Saturday, the series will feature local artists specializing in the darker side of experimental dance music. Incorporating Bay Area experimental traditions and the sounds of Berlin’s underground dance scene, In Too Deep seeks to create a space for those left wanting more from the current sound of commercialized electronic music, and to present an audiovisual landscape incorporating rhythm, noise, and atmosphere.


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Indy Nyles is one of Oakland California’s finest live techno musicians. Over the last two decades, he has studied the intricacies of analog synthesis and hardware construction. Armed with this knowledge, Indy has built his own multi-faceted instrument rig, pieces of which he transports to warehouses, live venues and nightclubs whenever invited to share his vision of rich, warm west coast techno. Indy is also a versatile DJ and lifelong vinyl collector, always pushing a heavy groove of pulsing techno, unapologetic acid and ambient house jams. He has shared the decks with Lando at Oakland’s Rare Form party and alongside Erika for the Shuffle Co-Op. Indy’s home studio can be summarized as a carefully curated, complex system of synthesizers, keyboards, patch-cables, drum machines, homemade 'sound boxes' and a wide assortment of effects pedals. His live sets are always an exploration of sound and rhythm – no two are quite the same and yet every show will leave you feeling like you went on a deep and personal journey into Indy’s mind. Alongside his own productions, Indy supports live hardware musicians through his label, Important Jogger, with releases available in both digital and cassette formats. Indy approaches nothing in half measures, each production showcases his strong drive to push the boundaries of experimentation with machines and his keen eye on the sounds of the future...



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KYN was born out of the shared experiences of Josh Casey and Yari Bundy during and after graduating from Mills College in Oakland, CA. Both came to music later in life, Yari beginning with DJing and turntablism in high school and Josh with classical piano, music production and DJing while attending community college. Since their formation in 2015, KYN has been honing a sound that evokes emotional minimalism, visceral imagery and deep introspection. Since releasing their debut EP Worlds in April 2016, they have been performing around the Bay Area, collaborating with dancers, and touring in the US and overseas. After returning from Berlin in November 2016 from a crowdfunded project to attend the Ableton Loop Conference, they were reinvigorated and inspired to create a kind of music that explores themes relating to trauma and anxiety while simultaneously creating addictive grooves and sounds that explore the full spectrum of emotions. Bringing together their education in experimental electronic music from Mills with their love of rhythm and atmosphere, they perform live shows that not only highlight their undeniably infectious chemistry but their ability to create immersive sonic landscapes that seamlessly maneuver between sound design, dance and ambient music.




Kim Nucci is an Oakland-based multimedia artist/composer and improviser. She plays woodwinds and various homemade circuit and acoustic instruments. She likes making big things and very tiny things. Kim claims to be the Pope of facebook and worships dollar slice pizza as the one true god, while living in the god(pizza)less land of California.


DOORS 9:00 PM; MUSIC 9:30

$10-15 sliding scale