Join us for the latest edition of Studio Grand's Balkan Nights. This series, featuring (not-so-strictly) Eastern European music, occurs on the third Friday of the month. The night is graciously curated by Kent Kessinger in association with Studio Grand. 

This evening will feature lilting and vibrant dance music from the southern Balkans, with local quintet Janam plus very special guest Gregory Masaki Jenkins on clarinet and vocals.  Come out and dance with us!






Fusing funky Balkan rhythms, gritty Appalachian ballads, arresting vocal harmonies and enchanting acoustic textures, Janam creates a one-of-kind musical experience. Janam unites some of the Bay Area's most playful and imaginative devotees of southern Balkan and American roots music who weave together folk tunes and their own colorful compositions and take their audiences on a labyrinthine musical ride.

Dan Auvil - percussion and voice
Tom Farris - laouto, guitar and percussion
Juliana Graffagna - voice and accordion
Gari Hegedus - oud, saz, mandocello and mandolin
Shira Kammen - violin, harp and voice

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“An innovative ensemble that explores a dizzying range of styles, from Appalachia and Asia Minor to Eastern Europe. They play swirling, hard-driving music that always seems to end up in unexpected places.”  -- SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE


Gregory Masaki Jenkins

Greg Masaki Jenkins.jpg

Greg Jenkins is a professional musician and educator who is known for his skill and passion for the music of the Balkans on clarinet, alto saxophone, and voice. Greg, a founding member of Brass Menazeri, can currently be seen with the Greek folk band Agapi Mou, the Greek laika band Helios, the Rebetika group The Disciples of Markos, the Turkish/Balkan reed and drum band MWE, and directing the Balkan Brass Band Fanfare Zambaleta.



$7-15 sliding scale donation