Oakland Freedom Jazz Society Presents:

Annie May Willis (solo)


Annie May Willis’s exquisite music speaks of solidarity and the relationship between all living things. This story of connection manifests in her songs of love and joy, trials and tribulations, the tragedy of loss, and the triumph of liberation. Like any great artist, Annie courageously weaves her story and truth into her music. The audience is invited into a deep and sacred place, to hear their own story within hers, and to find healing there. Originally from rural New York, Annie first learned the language of music through her family of poets and musicians. Her mother, a pianist and singer, faithfully took Annie to violin lessons every Friday night for 12 years. Annie’s father was a prolific writer who shared his poetry and read to her often. Now in the Santa Cruz hills of California, her roots in classical violin, Appalachian folk music, and social justice have grown into a raw and poetic voice for love, community, service, grace, and healing. She blends the worlds of heart and spirit and sings to the places that both ache and rejoice in all of us.

“My Child” video (duo with Jakob Pek)

Jakob Pek (solo)

Jakob Pek is a musician and artist based in Oakland, CA. He creates a contemporary world music for the new century. Avant-garde, experimental, and improvisational in nature, Jakob's music interweaves chaos with symmetry, harmonizing refined expressions of familiar sonic worlds with journeys into uncharted domains of abstraction and discovery. To hear Jakob perform is to hear a well-versed specialist of improvisation. Inspired in equal parts by nature and culture, Jakob's improvisations feel somehow transcontinental and transhistorical, yet distinctly of the here and now. A single improvised session by Jakob may traverse a multitude of atmospheres all with a well-trained formal flow and clarity. Established palettes and practices—American fingerstyle and blues guitar, Indian rhythm, electronic music, Japanese Noh theater, etc.—are comfortably present and spiritually represented amidst abstraction, experimentation, and a contemporary approach. His stream of diverse influences insists upon a clarity of identity and cohesion as found techniques and vocabularies emerge and overlap. Ingested idioms merge and transfigure in this creative matrix.

DOORS 9:00 PM; SHOW 9:30(ish)

$7-15 sliding scale

Oakland Freedom Jazz Society takes place every Monday night at Studio Grand. Lineups feature avant-jazz, experimental and noise performances by local and touring musicians and multimedia artists. OFJS is a long-running (5 years and counting!) series curated by Fernando Carpenter of VAMP.  For more information, check out OFJS's Facebook page.