How We Remember explores the intimate stories behind the visual style (fashion, hair, art/design), and the culture of Urban Africans from 1910 to 2030. This project fosters a collaboration between two artists, from different backgrounds in their own worlds, meeting in the middle and discovering what lies underneath. LaStarla explores the Americas (USA, Canada, Caribbean, South & Central America). Chukwunonso Ofili explores The Continent + Colonial Exes (France, Britain, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands).

Part of Afro Urban Society’s 2018 Bakanal de Afrique festival.

Join us for the opening party with DJ K.LA.V, refreshments/drinks, and interactive & artist talks.

Chukwunonso Ofili: One Half of the WowoBoyz, Ofili is a ridiculously funny comedian who has made his mark in the city of Houston. He started by performing at college shows and honed his skills performing in Maryland, West Virginia and Indiana. A skilled graphic designer, cartoonist and visual artist, Ofili is also the lead artist behind @OfiliDesigns, a full service art company specializing in portraits of popular African artists and custom orders.

LaStarla is an indie illustrator who creates work that explores identity as a member of the African Diaspora, Queer Community and Black Feminist movement. Much off her work is about making subversive (or sometimes direct) political commentary or simply about the beautiful aesthetic of her people.

5:00-10:00 PM

FREE (Donations Accepted)