Oakland Freedom Jazz Society Presents:


Bridge of Crows

Soundtrack for Film without Camera: Songs from the Divide

Mika Pontecorvo   

Mika Pontecorvo


Bridge of Crows is an ensemble project existing at the intersection of ethnomusic-influenced American Primitive Roots/Blues, and Contemporary Electroacoustic Chamber Improvisation. The project draws on players from the greater experimental music community in collaboration with its core members. In contrast to its parent project, the collective improvisation group Cartoon Justice, Bridge of Crows takes a more compositional approach to improvised sound constructs while still embracing the generative and chaos theoretic ethos of the parent ensemble. Influences driving this work include the music of James Blood Ulmer, Don Van Vliet, Joseph Spence, the compositional and theoretic approaches of Iannis Xenakis, György Ligeti, Charles Ives – as well as Mika Pontecorvo's earlier algorithmic composition work while studying under Vladimir Ussachevsky and Ercolino Ferretti.

Kersti Abrams: Alto Sax, Maqeunah, Mbira.

Mika Pontecorvo: Guitar, Electronics, Flute.

Mark Pino: Drums, Waterphone.

Eli Pontecorvo: Bass.

with special guest Lenny Gonzalez: Cello

Bridge of Crows SoundCloud 



Jacob Felix-Heule   

Jacob Felix-Heule


"You may be surprised to learn that following the fragmentation of light into iris and particulate force hooded figures, behoven to sleight of mind and material craft fashioned together an interstitial labyrinth comprised of infinitesimal liminal nodes (a triumph of lattice-work) spanning the gap between ought and naught. Of course, we've all been taught that a single node, relentlessly petitioned by the Will to Purpose took on a fiendish, emerald lustre and with a terrifying burst of polychromatic splendor split in twain, yielding Enchantress and Architect apportioning dominion of certainty and sortilege. And thus were borne the peculiarities of form."

Joshua Marshall: Tenor Saxophone

Rent Romus: Saxophones, Winds, Miscellany

Jacob Felix-Heule: Percussion

Nava Dunkelman: Percussion

Jakob Pek: Guitar, Miscellany

Aaron Oppenheim: Laptop

gabby fluke-mogul: Violin

Lee Hodel: Contrabass


DOORS 9:00 PM; SHOW 9:30 PM

$7-15 sliding scale

Oakland Freedom Jazz Society takes place every Monday night at Studio Grand. Lineups feature avant-jazz, experimental and noise performances by local and touring musicians and multimedia artists. OFJS is a long-running (5 years and counting!) series curated by Fernando Carpenter of VAMP.  For more information, check out OFJS's Facebook page.