Oakland Freedom Jazz Society Presents:

Moe! Staiano (solo percussion)




Moe!'s innovative solo percussion shows feature prepared drum kit, found objects, audio looping and the inventive use of a "percussion guitar" woven in with performance art, which always gets the audience involved and eagerly expectant of what might happen next.

Moe! is also conductor and composer for the Moe! Staiano Ensemble, (formerly Moe!kestra!), a large-ensemble avant garde orchestra, which can feature over 30 musicians playing everything from violins, clarinets and cellos to drum kits, oscillators and electric guitars. Moe! Staiano Ensemble performances are high-energy, electrifying experiences that create unique and memorable soundscapes that intrigue and beguile.

Moe! fronts Surplus 1980, a post-punk band that continually evolves its journey of no-wave progressive and percussive musical exploration. Surplus 1980 features Moe!'s bracing guitar and wry wordplay and a wide palette of timbres from the multi-instrumentalist members of the group.

Over the years, Moe! has worked with a veritable who's-who of the Bay Area creative music scene, including Ron Anderson (the Molecules, RonRuins, PAK), Tom Nunn, Vacuum Tree Head, Z'ev, Amy X Neuburg, Ava Mendoza, Nurse With Wound, David Slusser, Karen Stackpole, Ches Smith, Michael Evans (God Is My Co-Pilot), Caroline Kraabel & John Edwards (Shock Exchange), Gino Robair, William Hooker, Tom Dimuzio and has performed with all these plus Henry Kaiser, Mark Growden's Electric Pinata, Amy Denio, Cheer-Accident and sfSoundGroup among others.


Feona Lee Jones (solo piano)




Feona is a mixed-race composer, pianist, electronic and multi-media artist. Storytelling through the context of music is at the core of her work, which explores sensitive contemporary issues, and addresses moral questions regarding the connection between art and public responsibility. Her background as a film music composer and sound designer led to her current interest in opera form. Through this medium, she sculpts sonic environments that serve as undercurrents for unfolding narratives. Her creative interests are broad, and go beyond opera to include concert music, modern rock, film scores, and interactive games.


Duo Jones Feona/Staiano Moe!

Duo Jones Feona/Staiano Moe! is a new duo comprising of pianist Feona Lee Jones, and drummer Moe! Staiano. Performing one-on-one, Feona and Moe will play a set of somewhat structured foundations with room for improvisation, which eventually comes back to the structured form, leading into somewhat of a full circle. Both Feona and Moe will play on conventional instruments that will also be prepared (prepared piano/implement), bringing unconventional sounds, and leading listeners to the unexpected and new.


DOORS 9:30 PM; SHOW 9:45 PM

$7-15 sliding scale

Oakland Freedom Jazz Society takes place every Monday night at Studio Grand. Lineups feature avant-jazz, experimental and noise performances by local and touring musicians and multimedia artists. OFJS is a long-running (5 years and counting!) series curated by Fernando Carpenter of VAMP.  For more information, check out OFJS's Facebook page.