On Saturday, June 23rd, Studio Grand presents a very special night showcasing the future of West Coast funk and boogie. Presenting Chola Orange, a spaceship funk coming out of LA, moving through multiple genres of funk, boogie, and jazz. Dreamlover, from the greater Los Angeles area, they are exploring the depths of classic soul and modern funk. DJ HELLA BREEZY of CHULITA VINYL CLUB will be setting the atmosphere throughout the evening which is sure to be an amazing night of music celebrating the Northern California release of the CHOLA ORANGE 45 VINYL “SOUL BLAZER.”



Chola Orange

Look in the mirror and say 3 times, "Chola Orange," terror suddenly overtakes your body, you are transported into another dimension. Chola Orange is a group of musicians from the Los Angeles area creating a new and original brand of music and art. Chola Orange is a spaceship of funk, with influences ranging from Parliament Funkadelic, Zapp and Roger, Sun Ra, horror movie soundtracks, and various jazz masters. We are a four piece outfit sporting keyboards, synthesizers, electric bass, electric guitars and drum set, augmented with a variety of pedals, electronics, and guest performers. Chola Orange is taking part in a revitalization of funk, expanding into modern funk, boogie, and beyond. We are operating out of Los Angeles, California. 

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Chola Orange | Two Live Chola: https://youtu.be/ubNHgPnyfM8
Chola Orange | Dirty Low 2, Live at Outer Space: https://youtu.be/x6MrLAajP-8



Facebook | Website | Instagram @dreamloverie

Dreamlover | Moon to Sun: https://youtu.be/eHPGb4YxF_o

Dreamlover | Root to Thorn: https://youtu.be/DuxvAVgIMHg

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Chulita Vinyl Club


Hella Breezy