Max Jaffe

Max Jaffe plays the drums. A lot. He started playing when he was 3, growing up in Pacifica, CA. He realized he needed to make music his life’s pursuit after seeing a performance at Yoshi’s in Oakland. Though he relocated to the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, NY in 2008, the Bay Area has always been Jaffe’s spiritual home, and this summer sees him return home to perform music he composed for the drum set. The music is conceptually based on the Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989 that devastated the Bay Area, interrupted the Battle of the Bay World Series, and failed to wake him from a nap in his crib.  Using the resonant frequencies of his drums and the unique resonant frequencies of whatever space he inhabits, the music contains elements of drones and minimalism paired with Jaffe’s boundless energy and rhythmic propulsion.

Jaffe is a founding member of art rock collective killer BOB, as well as a member of The Dreebs, Normal Love, Leverage Models, Oberhofer, and many more. He has also performed with luminaries of creative and forward thinking music, including Man Forever, Brandon Seabrook, Jessica Pavone, David Wax Museum, and Greg Saunier (Deerhoof), to name but a few. Jaffe is on tour to support a live EP he recorded with Greg Saunier at Gravesend Recordings in Bushwick, which will be available at the show.

Excess Recess

Features Teddy Rankin-Parker (cello), Daniel Pearce (drums) and Darren Johnston (trumpet). This trio explores the group dynamic through the use of cello, trumpet, and percussion, employing traditional and experimental techniques. They create a latticework of sounds whose origins are slyly dissembled, with one instrument reflecting the timbre and texture of another as the group burrows into a singular sound.

Eventbrite - Max Jaffe (solo drums) + Excess Recess

$8-15 sliding scale
Doors at 5:00pm, show at 6:00pm