"You may be surprised to learn
that following the fragmentation of light into iris and particulate force
hooded figures, behoven to sleight of mind and material craft
fashioned together an interstitial labyrinth comprised of infinitesimal liminal nodes (a triumph of lattice-work)
spanning the gap between ought and naught.

Of course, we've all been taught
that a single node, petitioned without respite by the Will to Purpose
took on a fiendish, emerald lustre
and with a terrifying burst of polychromatic splendor
split in twain, yielding Enchantress and Architect
apportioning dominion of certainty and sortilege.
And thus were borne the peculiarities of form."
–JSM on Architect/Enchantress

Jacob Felix Heule - Percussion
Nava Dunkelman - Percussion
Mark Clifford - Vibes
Aaron Oppenheim - Laptop
Jacob Peck - Guitar, Miscellany
Tim Kim - Violin
Rent Romus - Saxophones, Flutes, Toys
Joshua Marshall - Saxophones

Eventbrite - Oakland Freedom Jazz Society Presents: Architect/Enchantress

Doors at 9:00pm, show at 9:30pm

$10-$15 sliding scale