Flavas Rhythm and Movement Class

Taught by Nekeya Senegal


COST: $13 Pre-Sale / $15 drop-in
All levels welcome. For women (18+)

NO CLASS: Nov. 26, Dec. 24, & Dec. 31

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Class Description

My class is a combination of dance and aerobics. I mainly use Soca music from the Caribbean Islands, mostly Trinidad and Tobago or St. Vincent and the Grenadines. It’s a high energy music from the Caribbean. I also mix in other music styles from the African Diaspora. The primary purpose of my class is to get people moving! It’s a great way to build endurance and it’s a good cardio workout. I also think the class is fun and a  good way to release some energy at the start of a work week. It’s not a learned choreography type of class so it can accommodate any dance level. Please wear comfortable shoes, preferably sneakers, and flexible clothing.

Nekeya Senegal

I have always loved to dance but never thought about teaching seriously until April of 2013.  I worked at Futures Elementary School (formerly known as Lockwood Elementary) in the after-school program. All the after-school instructors had to pick a sport to teach for the fitness component of the program.I wasn’t into sports but I did agree with the idea of getting students active and moving as a form of exercise. I wanted to do something fun that I enjoyed. I figured if I was going to teach it and get the students excited about it, I needed to be excited about it also. That’s when I came up with the idea of Soca Movement. That’s how I started, teaching the students twice a week. One of the fifth grade teachers started coming to the class and danced with the students. Then one day she asked me if I taught the class for adults. I said no and she suggested that I should think about it. She said it was a fun class and she would definitely pay for it if I held a class for adults. I thought about it, found a location and the rest is history!  I like many different types of dance, so I’m always taking a class here and there or attempting to learn new dance styles. Currently I’m addicted to East African, Ethiopian and Eritrean traditional dance styles. Dance gives me a sense of purpose. It has given me a form of self-expression. When I’m moving, I feel free! Recently it has given me a source of income. I think the best thing it has given me is an opportunity to share what I love with others.