Through the Artist Residency Program, Studio Grand seeks to be a lab for artist to explore, develop, and share their creative work. During this dedicated time, artists are given time and space at Studio Grand along with several opportunities to share their work with the public.

What we’ve learned is that the Residency period allows artists the support and resource of time and space which inspires a deeper engagement with their practice. We’ve been told by participating artists that the investment on the part of the Studio is a very uplifting process that results in a reinvigorated relationship with their craft and the production of new work.


It is with the spirit of supporting an invigorated creative practice that we welcome Krystle Ahmadyar to the Studio for a summer/fall 2015 artist residency. We first learned about Krystle when her solo project Ruby Mountain opened for an EFFT record release party, earlier this year. After talking with Krystle, we learned that she is a vocalist, performance artist, and composer who has her hands in several genres of music. She is in the midst of developing different bodies of work including an exploration of new and electronic music, composing for her Ruby Mountain project, collaborations with Los Sirenas, and an exploration of her Afghan and Mexican heritage.

While at the Studio, Krystle will be developing several bodies of work while engaging with other artists, including her father who is a singer and harmonium player. We hope you will join us to experience Krystle’s creative work. Each performance will have a distinct style and approach. You might just want to come to every one! Dates will be announced throughout the residency period which starts in August and extends through December 2015.



Sound resonates and shifts the mood of a room, rallies people together, helps one grieve, and fills people with pleasure. During her residency, Krystle will honor this dynamic through a series of multimedia concerts and collaborations incorporating jazz, Afghan, blues, and experimental music styles and dance that explore her connection to the Oakland community, her family in Afghanistan, and her roots in Mexico.


Krystle Ahmadyar is a vocalist, songwriter, and artist. Her music is rooted in her Afghan and Mexican ancestral traditions of storytelling and song. She shares stories of love, resiliency, and oppression through music and movement. She studies Afghan music with her father, jazz vocals with Molly Holm, and studied experimental music at Mills College.

Her current solo music project is Ruby Mountain and her new band is Los Sirenas.

Ruby Mountain SoundCloud


Cover photo by Ramses Rodstein.