As part of her Performing Artist Residency "Music is Medicine," Maria Jose Montijo will be joined by Maria Cristina Borges to present a Touch Drawing workshop for Women of Color.

Touch Drawing is a simple but profound creative process. Moving your hands on a paper that has been placed over a surface of paint will create images that are seen upon lifting the page. With lines coming directly from your fingertips, you create many drawings in a single session. These drawings free a current of creativity out of your inner experience. This freedom of expression allows for a nourishing and powerful transformational process to occur.

Our intention with this workshop is to create a space for a community of women of color to feel comfortable and experience the nourishing and creative potential of Touch Drawing. We are aware that, traditionally these spaces have not been available for communities of color and we encourage your participation.

If you identify as a woman of color who is interested in bringing more creativity and nourishment into your life, we greatly encourage you to join us for a day of art, music, renewal and community. Maria Cristina Borges will guide you into an embodied journey of creative expression as Maria Jose Montijo holds the space by creating a sonic landscape with harp, voice, and loops.

No artistic confidence is necessary.


Maria Cristina Borges

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Maria Cristina Borges is a Marriage and Family Therapist, currently working at the Infant-Parent Program at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF). She is an infant mental health clinician, somatic psychotherapist and Touch Drawing practitioner and has worked with the Bay Area communities for the last 10 years. She has lead Touch Drawing groups with immigrant women and is currently facilitating groups of immigrant parents and their young children integrating art practices and play.




María José Montijo’s life changed in 2009 on a beach in her native Puerto Rico, where a friend gave her a used Celtic harp. She began writing hypnotic, haunting songs for harp and voice that incorporate her eclectic musical interests.

María José’s songs grow out of an intuitive process of deep listening and the condition of being fully human in a confusing world. Her lyrics speak of paradoxes: mystery and certainty; doubt and faith; love and solitude; sorrow and connection; exile and feeling at home. Her music is informed by the images and rhythms of the natural world in all its vastness.

Her music is also informed and nurtured by her healing path. María José is a Traditional Chinese Medicine student, biodynamic cranial touch practitioner, and bodyworker that has been immersed in the healing arts for over thirteen years. María José is extremely passionate about the body’s capacity to heal. This inherent intelligence that every body possesses the foundation from where true healing and health can be made manifest.

María José regularly performs throughout the Bay Area, both as a solo artist and with her band. In 2013, she was a featured new artist at Acción Latina’s 32nd Annual Encuentro del Canto Popular at the Brava Theater. In 2014, on the strength of her song “Estrellas” her band played Oakland’s Mayhem Festival, a juried music competition and performance series at the Awaken Cafe. She has headlined at the Red Poppy Art House, been a consistent presence at the Mission Arts Peformance Project (MAPP), and played at venues ranging from the Mission Cultural Center to the Hemlock Tavern to the Art in Nature Festival in the Oakland redwoods.

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Saturday, May 30th 

$100  - Before May 16th 
$120  - After May 16th

(Materials included. *Pre-registration is required)

*Registration Closes: May 23rd
Refunds will be issued with a cancellation fee of $40 dollars to cover materials.