Join us for the closing reception of Where I'm From, photographs by Chose. Come by to see this great collection of images, for the last time at Studio Grand. 

Studio Grand has loved having the work of East Oakland native photographer and musician Chose on the walls. The images, his expression of the Oakland he encounters have touched those who have seen the work. Chose's work caught our attention because of the skill with which he captures his images and the way he tells stories with the images. He's an artist and craftsman who reflects the beauty found on some of the roughest streets of Oakland. 

Come by and meet Chose, hear his story, and walk through to see his stunning photographs. 


Growing up in Oakland, California, is no easy task. Even though it’s been designated as an “All-American City” the residents have always seemed a bit detached from the standards of the rest of the country.

Chose grew up in a world of struggle and chaos. Born to a single mother whom wanted the best for her kids, she learned parenting against society proved to be no easy task. Chose  took a different path than his siblings. He found refuge at the age of thirteen in the boom bap sounds of the E-MU MP7 drum machine. It was this instrument, along with his cousin Charlie Jones in which he found his path to freedom. His freedom would be hip hop. This later led to an interest in Photography. Shortly after attending Berklee College Of Music he was given a Camera. This sparked a whole new world for Chose. It all started with an old 2000 canon rebel and Look where he is now. Though we live in a free world, the mental barricade on our mind as black youth in Oakland often make us feel locked up, or shackled. This is Chose's path to freedom. To tell stories the way he sees. To document beauty in his city.

Website | Instagram @chose1prod

Opening: Friday, December 4, 8:00pm-11:00pm
Closing Reception: Saturday, March 5, 7:00pm-9:30pm

with performances by Chose & Special Guests

Show on View: December 4 - March 5