Staff & Creatives*

Sarah Guerra, Interim Executive Director
Jordan Daniel Haar, Host
Renata Tervalon, Host
Leah McGlauchlin, Host
Ruthie Dineen, Doug Lee & Luis Salcedo (members of RDL+), curators for Bay Area Bridges series
Jean Melesaine, Resident Visual Artist

*Studio Grand also partners with various curators, performing and teaching artists, and other presenters throughout the year who may not be listed on this page. 


Holly Schneider was the visionary who dreamt up and created Studio Grand in September 2013. A local teaching-artist, parent, and musician herself, she was invested in seeing more family-friendly and artist-centered options in the neighborhood. In 2014, very suddenly, we lost Holly. This was a very big loss to those who knew and loved her. She had a very giving spirit, always encouraging people in every way she could. In the short time she spent growing Studio Grand, it became a very important space to so many people. She is now our brightest star in the universe, looking over Studio Grand and her loved ones from the heavens. We miss her dearly and treasure every memory we have with her. We continue to nurture the gift she left for us all with Studio Grand.