Coming up in April, I'm offering poetry writing workshops in conjunction with NaPoWriMo, an invention of Maureen Thorson's in which many, many poets across the country write a poem a day for National Poetry Month. We will meet the first four weeks of April as a group, with an additional individual meeting for each participant at the very beginning of May during which I can discuss your full month's output with you.

Conversation will be lively and inspiring, I promise — it's amazing how much can happen in a month if you commit to a daily practice and open to a community of peers. Class will include writing exercises and prompts, and we will engage with the works of other writers and artists as well.

You can see some of my latest work and read more about me at my site,

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Elizabeth Treadwell’s books of poetry include Eve Doe (1997); Chantry (2004); Birds & Fancies (2007); and Virginia or the mud-flap girl (2012). She served as director of Small Press Traffic from 2000-2007; she now directs Lark Books & Writing Studio and curates Lark Readings at Studio Grand.